Matcha milkshake (latte) at home

Thanks to T2’s 18th anniversary offer, 18% off everything, bought myself a lovely tea-ceremony bamboo whisk and some lovely matcha powder. And also, the lovely Anna, one of the Tea Ambassadors from T2 with a demo after the Chai, Chai, Chai event.

Firstly, I boiled some water in my lovely cranberry Breville at 80 degrees Celsius.


my pretty little cranberry breville


Here are some of the required items needed to make your perfect matcha milkshake.
– A bowl, a bowl is a must. This is where you will whip up the magic drink.
– A whisk is next. Not just any whisk, a bamboo whisk for Japanese tea ceremony. Carved out of a single piece of bamboo, this is hand made by Buddhist monks. It has exactly 100 prongs. I’ve tried metal whisks, silicon whisks and even a fork, but it just doesn’t whip it up that well.
– Matcha. Can’t forget the matcha. Good quality matcha goes a long way. Not matcha “flavoured” powder, but actual matcha powder.
– Honey to taste
– Soy milk (Vanilla Soy!)


Bamboo whisk, Matcha powder, bowl


1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder is the recommended amount for the normal tea-ceremony style matcha, but you can always use more for a stronger taste. Especially if you are making a milkshake.
For a milkshake, you will need water, ice and milk, so it does end up being a little diluted if it’s only 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder.


a little bit of matcha powder! about 1 teaspoon.


Start by slowly pouring in water that is boiled to 80 degrees C, not too hot, you don’t want to burn or shock the tea into extinction don’t we? Carefully pour some water into the bowl. Not too much, we want the flavours to be there. For the milkshake, we are actually looking for more of a stronger base than the actual tea ceremony tea.


pour it like you mean it!


Now whisk in a circular or zig zag motion. You want the tea to froth up, kinda like champagne bubbles. When you achieve the correct bubbliness, you know you are good to go.
What is “correct” you may ask, it is simply that all the powder is nicely dissolved, and it looks like the small bubbles you see floating on top of a champagne glass after a pour. It does dissipate rather quickly after you stop whisking, but that is alright. As long as all the powder has dissolved into the water, and there is no clumps.
At this stage, if you wish to sweeten your tea a little, mix a tablespoon of honey with some hot water in a separate bowl/cup. Once that dissolves, pour it into this bowl, and continue whisking.



whisk whisk whisk honey, whisk whisk whisk


What is a latte without milk? As a preference, and a new found knowledge of the existence of Vanilla soy milk, this is definitely a good addition to your teas. Gives it an extra bit of flavour, and a little more protein to your diet.

– So ice your tea to cool it down, (now you know why you need your matcha to be a little more concentrated).
– Whisk it so that there’s no watery bits in your tea.
– Mixing time. It might take a few tries to get the consistency and taste to be what you like, and practice makes perfect.
– Now add the soy milk to taste. If you like your latte a little more milky, add more.
– And if you find that it is too milky with no matcha taste left, blend some matcha powder with hot water on the side, whisk to combine, then add it back into the bowl.
– It will take a few tries to get it right. There is no perfect measure of what is the “perfect” matcha latte. It is all about personal preference.


Vanilla soy bliss, a little bit of heaven.


All done! A lovely minty green is always perfect.


You spin me right round baby right round…


You can get all the tea + tea accessories you need and more from the T2tea website. It looks like they do ship overseas as well. Take advantage of the 18% off everything till the 6th of July 2014.